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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  December 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump blasted for enraging the united states. democrats united. >> and jon stewart returns to the daily show with a blistering message for congress. >> we will have a look at today's eye opener, your world
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>> yes, we have no choice. >> because something in happening in there. man, it's anger. >> donald trump calls for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> the white house detownsed the trump plans him jeb bush called the quote unhinged. chris christie says it's a ridiculous position. carley fiorina calls it dangerous overreaction. >> he is praying on the fears of the american people. it is called rebel rouseing. according to fbi, the san bernardino kill, were radicalized for some time. >> both practiced at target practice days within this event. >> the west seeing record breaking rainfall. >> it's just that this is a mess. >> an air france flight from san francisco to paris averted due to a bomb threat. newly released dash-cam video of another deadly shooting in chicago. the department of justice announced it will investigate
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>> we accept it and we need it. a train plowing into a car in central florida t. driver and passenger running for safety. >> a storm in ireland has rocked the nation. >> don't take a necessary journey. don't take risks on treacherous road and don't swim in the sea. >> touchdown. redemption. online, good! >> the dallas cowboy goes to 4 and 8. >> and all that matters -- >> jon stewart was discussing responders. pass the act. >> on "cbs this morning." >> bernie sanders has released plans to move the u.s. to a 100% clean energy system. and i'm kind of surprised bernie is pro wind, since wind has always been so anti--bernie.
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list go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump is under fire from all sides after saying muslims should be them prarl banned from entering the united states. trump's congress in the presidential race in turmoil. >> some cheered his reaction opponents from both sides of the aisle are hammering the major front runner. major, good morning. >> good morning. trump's proposal, wrapped in fear, innuendo and division runs counter to the constitution and was too much for dig cheney chairs in south carolina, trumps republican rival and every democrat seeking the white house. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our
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figure out what the heck is going on. >> reporter: the constitution protects freedom of religion and provides due process and equal protection under the law. rights that trumps proposal would trampple. the gop front runner says the country quote has no choice. >> we're out of control we have no idea who is coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us or hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. >> trump cited polling data from the center for security policy that he said indicated dangerous levels of anti--american sentiment among muslims in the united states. the southern poverty law center which tracks hate groups nationwide described the head of the center frank gaffney was quote one of america's most
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>> anybody here say? >> matt moore chairman of the gop, said, quote, donald trump's bad idea and rhetoric send a shiver down my spine. jen for horn called the idea unrepublican and unconstitutional. former vice president dig cheney said this. >> this whole notion that somehow we can say no more muslim, baen a whole religion goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> jeb bush called it unhinged. chris christie ridiculous. john cakes divisive. marco rubio, defensive. carley fiorina added this. >> we are now going to violate the constitutional rights of citizens because of donald trump, i don't think so. >> hillary clinton call trump's idea rep he renz e hencible. martin o'malley said trump is campaigning at a fascist
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he says, trump sounds more like a lynchmob than the leader of the united states. >> charlie. thanks. john dickerson is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> in looking at all of that reaction, knowing it's hard to read donald trump's mind. why is he doing this? why is he saying this? >> i asked him friday night in the interview, it sound like you play on the fears people have. he says i'm not playing on fears. this is common sense. he thinks this is common sense. he talked about profiling. this is the greatest of all profiling. as a political matter, he said his poll numbers will go up when there is an attack like this, because she shows strength. this is him showing strength. playing as you can hear from that crowd reaction what supporters want. >> according to who is it showing strength? >> according to donald trump and the voters who time and again have reacted to his statements
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approving of him evermore. >> well the reaction -- give some analysis, where is the strength coming from, what demographic in the republican party? >> well the demographic in the republican party we see consistent him is non-educated white shot e voters. they are supporting him by a vast margin. then he also has sport in other areas of the party. he is winning in all states. there is some tightening in iowa. but he's winning both nationally and across the board. so he has brought the board and the party. in this case where he support comes from is people afraid there are going to be more terrorist attacks. >> is it fair to call him teflon don? nothing seems to stick to him. do you think it's all the mat ultimately going to hurt him? >> we'll see. there mas been condemn fakes from his opponent t. condemnation, while there has been a lot of it, no one is standing up and actually making a long and protracted claims for
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so for those who like donald trump the condemnation coming from the republicans they don't like is almost proof that he hit something they must like because he has caused this kind of a stir. >> you mean people like dig cheney? >> well, dig cheney is the surprised in here because he is considered somebody who has always been tough on the war on terror. so if you are having a strength competition, dig cheney is no weakling on these sets of issues. when he calls that donald trump, it is something new. what i'm talking about, charlie, is when all of his opponents say oh this is bad. things. supporters. when they hear that condemnation. something right. >> i hear you. so it goes again. thank you, john dickerson. the fib football says the san bernardino shooters were radicalized for quite some time.
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why a newly released photo shows syed farook and tashmeen malik at chicago airport last year. it was her first visit to the country. . the month before they were married. officials say their preparation for the terrorist attacks included shooting practice. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we now know farook and malik had taken target practice leading up to the attack and it appears farook visited an area gun range just days before the rampage. syed risw na farook visited the magnum range to fire his semi automatic ar-15 rifle two days before he and his wife tashfeen malik killed two people e people in san bernardino. >> he came in like a normal guy. >> a firearms instructor at the gun range. >> he was quiet. he was too himself.
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>> so he had some training? >> apparently, yes. >> before he came here? >> apparently, yes. >> at one point. farook's rifle started smoke as he fired it. he approached an employee. what does that tell you about the experience with guns? >> the experience with the rifle. he was not familiar with it. >> the company turned of under surveillance video and sign-in papers to the fbi t. assault rep ponce were purchased by enrique martin who lived next door to farook during his high school year. sources tell fbi news, source questioned him on monday. he has not been aretted and has provided them with investigation. investigators have conducted more than 400 interviews so far. they are still trying to determine a motive. >> we have learned and believe both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. how did that happen? the question we're trying to get at is how did that happen and by
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>> reporter: federal authorities also searched the couple's digital trail. they're looking for any evidence of contact with known extremists or outside financial support. >> we want to find out everyone who profited from it, financed it and i'm not saying there is anything like that. but we will leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: farook's co-workers lad had active shooter training one year ago. in a killing twist, it was in the very room where the attack occurred. nor remarks it is unknown if farook attended. >> carter, very disturbing. all right. one of the san bernardino victims are being called a hero for saving a co-worker. she was killed in a wounded colleague in the attack. she survived, johnson was killed. david begnaud spoke to the girlfriend. she at a memorial near the shooting scene. good morning. >> reporter: norah, good morning.
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happened when the grieving girlfriend showed up here relatively unknown. counsellor. on the morning of the massacre the crisis was herself. she got a text from a friend, she had not so frantically, she boyfriends. >> the text i sent was hey, mass shooting out that way. i hope you're okay. and no response. >> and then what did it elevated to? >> why the f isn't anybody answering me in all caps. >> you call the hospitals, you say, do have you somebodigy the name of shannon? >> they tell you. they just can't give out names of people. she said all of the families have been notified of the injured people. i don't want to be notified. >> you didn't want confirmation? >> i didn't. >> it took more than 12 hours before mandy piper received
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>> what was that grief like for you in the moment when they said, "he's gone?" >> it was unbearable. i stopped it. i have a wall up right now. but it's like a dam. >> it sounds like shannon is being a victim is also a hero, in that he put his arms around a co-worker and shielded her. he died and she survived. >> he would have gone down. he would not have left her to go after anybody for sure, yeah. not a surprise. >> reporter: in a statement, survivors say shannon johnson was an amazing selfless man who said, i got you, quote, under a table, his arm around her. >> i got you, so shannon. >> piper told us she wanted to see the crime screen. >> i have been able to walk under that police tape and just go. this is really strange. >> you are used to helping other people deal with tear grief? >> yes, right.
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to a memorial right around the corner from the crime scene. >> it could have been any one of us, anyone in our family. anyone. >> yes. >> you never know. you never really know. >> and that lady never knew mandy was one of the affected families. and mandy never told her. nor remarks shannon johnson will be buried in florida alongside his father works also died trying to save a co-worker more than 30 years ago. >> thanks, david, incredible reporting. >> it is, nor. >> reporter: they call 14 victims, behind every victim there is a story. it is always painful to hear the back story. thank you very much, david. this morning, a minnesota man accused of being a top recruiter in somalia.
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he plaej pledged to be with a terrorist group. newly released video from 2012 shows officers using a tazer to stun a 38-year-old detainee. his body is then dragged from the cell. he later died in the hospital. the video came out as the justice department announced an investigation into the police department's use of force. officials also released dash-cam video that shows how an officer shot and killed ronald johnson in october, 2014. the officer will not face charges t. state attorney says johnson was hot holding a gun. protesters voiced their frustration at the scene of johnson's shooting. this is the second video showing an officer shooting. more powerful storms, overnight, firefighters in portland, oregon, helped families evacuate their homes. nearly three inches of rain fell
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rescuers used boats to carry people to safety. flood warnings and watches are in place throughout the region. this morning, millions of beijing residents are living under unpress denltd restrictions because of dangerous smog. heavy pollution triggered the chinese capital first ever red alert t. highest warning brought normal 35 a halt. seth doane is in beijing to show us how people are coping. >> reporter: good morning, you should see a line of skyscrapers behind my but they are obscured be the smock. visibility is less than a mile. you can smell the pluchlths you can -- pollution. you can taste it in the back of your throat. >> the smog enveloped beijing. this time it prompted the issue for the red alert. it closed schools, shut construction sites and took some
7:17 am
it was busy outside this beijing children's hospital, where we met parents worried about tear kids' respiratory problems? >> he is feeling, really, really bad. >> reporter: he said several doctors suggested his 7-year-old's lung ailment may be related to the smog. >> you are wearing a mask to try to protect yourselves? do you feel that your government is doing its part? >> i feel they are. >> reporter: people do what they can to protect themselves. we have three air purifiers here at home. we changed the filter today. this is the new white one. take a look at the one from just two months ago. beijing's pollution had been improving in the first ten months of this year, compared to 2014. but still, 5th grader jason couldn't go to school today. what do you think about that? >> so bad. >> reporter: as to why the red
7:18 am
here's the straight talk of a ten-year-old. just last week the pollution was worse, but there was no red alert. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> kind of weird. >> reporter: kind of weird? of course, last week's, china's president was in paris. they were criticized for not sounding the pollution alarm. schools and factories are expected to remain closed two more days until a cold snap comes in and hopefully pushes out the solution. >> thank you, seth doane in beijing. this morning, investigators are look nook a near collision between a drone and a california highway patrol helicopter. >> there is a drone out here at our altitude. >> chp 32 after that, thank you. >> yeah, we almost hit this
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we're keeping an eye on it good morning. the weather is quiet to start the day and temps are mild in the 30s. a few sprinkles will move through the state this afternoon with warm highs near 53. unseasonably warm temps last through friday with a cool down and chance for some rain or light snow by late
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>> jon stewart returns to his old stomping grounds.
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hey, carjacker leads police on a wild chase. ahead, see why it ended in a dramatic shootout. >> we'll show you what happened when an american band returned welcome back it's now 7:26... kcci 8 traffic! any accident locations are plotted on the map. your mobile speed unit
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[ music playing ] >> that, of course, is cold play and lead singer chris martin. the new song adventure of a lifetime. this is the first time we've seen them perform their new music. you know, they're going to be the star performer at the super bowl. >> oh. it's a great song.
7:30 am
i haven't heard it. >> if i only have this life, i want to spend it with you. >> i like the word, i lie like them very much. >> i like how rockstars decide how to move about the stage, jacker is still number one. >> i like it very much. >> good cold play song, yellow, my favorite. welcome back to "cbs this morning." cominging up in this half hour, jon stewart returns home. he says heroes of 9/11 are being forgotten. he doesn't like it. why the comedian is ripping into congress. plus former usc football coach steve carsejan says his alcoholism is a disability. why she thinks he's got a case. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "new york times" reports on the supreme court's refusal to hear a challenge to a ban on assault weapons in a chicago suburb. the case involved restrictions on semi automatic weapons and
7:31 am
seven states in washington, d.c. have enacted laws banning assault weapons. >> britain's independent reports on blade runner oscar pistorius is being granted bail. he was in a south african court today. last week his manslaughter conviction was upgraded to murder. a judge says pistorius will remain under house arrest, but will be allowed to leave home a few hours every day. he plans to appeal his murder conviction. the seattle times shows newly released video that ends in a deadly shooting. police chase a car t. drivers fires at pursuing officers. it came to an enwhen at least 11 officers fired on the suspect's vehicle when they drove it towards him.d when at least 11 officers fired on the suspect's vehicle when they drove it towards him. when at least 11 officers fired on the suspect's vehicle when they drove it towards him.when at least 11 officers fired on the suspect's vehicle when they drove it towards him. the driver died at the scene. two officers suffered minor injuries. the boston globe reports dozens of students got sick after eekt
7:32 am
at least 25 boston college students including eight basketball players fell ill. chipotle shut down and health experts don't believe this is linked to the chipotle ecolely outbreak that sickens 62 people in nine states. nba star lebron james signed a lifetime sponsor ship deal with nike that guaranteed endorsement. yep, guaranteed the deal is worth at least $60 million a year. it's the biggest financial deal between nike and an athlete ever. it's the first time nike offered anybody a lifetime deal. here's wishing lebron and happy life. >> michael jordan's estimated deal can be 400 or $500 over a lifetime. >> that's what happens when he is. >> he has been fine since he was in high school. >> how far behind can he be?
7:33 am
he is drawing attention for first responders of the 9/11 attacks. our digital network is here to report what stewart said to the new host trevor noah. good morning. >> good morning. jon stewart walked away from "the "daly" show" shows the late top nate veteran's word still carries weight. >> it's jon stewart, everybody. >> a bearded, casually dressed jon stewart returned home last night. not to check up on the new tenants occupying the house but to advocate for a cause close to his heart. >> so back in 2010, after far more lobbying than should have been necessary. congress passed the zadroga act. first responders who have gotten sick. >> reporter: the health provisions expired months ago. it expired in september. these first responders, many sick with cancers and pulmonary disease have had to travel at
7:34 am
d.c. hundreds of times to plead for our government to do the right thing. >> reporter: at the center of stewart's crusade, the september 11th first responders, the comedian said has been forgotten by the politics of walk. >> right now there are 67 senators sponsoring the bill. 260 senates and by stupid house math is more than enough to do this. >> reporter: for years, stewart has been a voice for those in the terrorist attacks, providing first responders and their families a set of shoulders to stand on. in 20 12w50urk9s took up their cause, dedicating an entire show to the issue. five years later, things are visibly different. >> just out of curiosity, where is everybody? >> it's you and i. five-and-a-half years ago, we did a show. sfaf% of the panel is no longer here. two of the people have illnesses
7:35 am
engineer passed five-and-a-half years ago, four men sat here. it's you and i. >> first responder kenny sprit told him senate majority leader mitch mcconnell gave him the word, they would fully pay for thosebin benefits. a spokesman told "cbs this morning," quote, everyone republican and democrat house and senate is working very hard to get this done and it will get done, charlie. >> it's very hard to understand why this is even an issue. that was a very powerful visual to make the point jon stewart was making. >> good for jon stewart championing their cause. >> i can't imagine why this is an issue. this morning, the university of southern california football coach is seeing for wrongful term napgs. he says he was discriminated
7:36 am
>> that disability is alcoholism. he claims the school quote kicked him to the curb. he wants at least 12.6 million. the struggle for steve sarkisan came when he slurred his words at a pep rally. >> get toured go on, baby, go! >> the university tells "cbs news" sarkisan mischaracterized the fact. "cbs news," analyst is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> does sarkisan have a case? >> indeed, he does. at first blush, you hear someone was drupg. for heaven's say, people can't come into work, be stumbling, have all the behaviors we think as a drunk. on the other hand, alcoholism is clearly a disease. it is recognized federally and state wide. if you have a disease, cancer, diabetes, a bad back, an
7:37 am
an employer must do what we call engage in an interactive process. >> that means, communiques. two ways. and accommodate reasonably, provide a reasonable accommodation. and what ultimately happened here, according to this 31-page very well drafted narrative complaint, what we call a talking complaint, is you read a story and you see, according to plaintiff's lawyers, a man who was in pain and in trouble, who claims that he went forward to the university and said, please help me. >> related to this incident? >> not previous to this incident. but previous to being fired and that he says, remember he says, this is an allegation, look, i said i'm going into an in-house program. what you dictated to me to do back in august is not working. and they said, we'll give you an
7:38 am
he gets off the plane at rehab. he find he has an e-mail termination. not handled well. >> are you surprised the university released a statement. normally countries say we're not going to talk pending litigation. >> surprise is too easy a world. i was shot last night. originally, they said they would not comment on lit gapgs. ultimately, last night what i received, which has been made public is that i think that they felt that this talking complaint was so powerful that they could not let it stand. so they say it's untrue. it's exaggerated. this is not what happened and we did everything right. >> well, you escaped that litigation. >> usc says he denied he had a problem and usc says he never asked for time off to get help. >> absolutely. what does that mean? he has to go into a court of law. what do you i think will help him? i think it will settle. >> it doesn't happen every day. >> thank you. >> thank you very much.
7:39 am
a concert in paris. caught in the middle of the massacre has a surprise return with the help of u2. you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you feel like it, hopefully in the next three days. we'll be here until 9:00. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes.
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. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters.
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. ended mark phillips is with the band's emotional return. good morning. >> u2 cancelled the concert in the immediate after math and they were promising to make a return, boy did they return with a surprise finale. this was never going to be an ordinary rock concert.
7:42 am
would go on and it was a tribute to those whose lives have ended. u2 lead singer bono sang a french classic as the members were projected in the form of the french flag. the song, don't leave me. and if the evening needed more emotion, it got it in the end when bono crawled onto the stage, the band whose concert at bataclan hall had been turned into a massacre. you2 rocked the eagles of def medal, brought it back to paris. >> they were robbed off the stage three weeks ago. we would like to offer them ours tonight. would you welcome the eagles of def medal. >> reporter: no one was in any doubt the lyrics of the band's first number.
7:43 am
something extra here. people have the power >> reporter: it was the first time the band had performed since the paris attacks. its front man, jesse hughes, explains why they have come. >> we love you too, so much, for giving us this opportunity. i look around and i see our friend. >> the eagles of def med am were a popular but cult band. now they are fourever part of a night of bloody history and the effort to heal has fallen. >> this was more than a rock concert. it was an act of remembrance, an act of cultural assertion and, nor remarks an act of defiance. >> well said, mark philip, thank you so much. an act of defiance, i think an important moment. >> i think so, too. now a chance to hear their music. under these circumstances. >> glad they got to go back on
7:44 am
>> it may surprise you that u2 did this. coming up, a massive wave wipes out a surfer, how they brought the man to safety. a k-9 shows solidarity between two countries united by the pain of good morning. the weather is quiet to start the day and temps are mild in the 30s. a few sprinkles will move through the state this afternoon with warm highs near 53. unseasonably warm temps last through friday with a cool down and chance for
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good morning. it is tuesday, december 8, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including a surfer's dangerous wipeout. we'll show you the impressive rescue from the water after a wave knocked him unconscious. but first here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the council on american islamic relations said, quote, trump sounds more like the leader of a lynch mob than the leader of the united states. >> in this case where his support comes from are people who are afraid there are going to be more terrorist attacks. >> we now know farook and malik had taken target practice leading up to the attack.
7:53 am
you in the moment when they said he's gone? >> it was unbearable. >> new backlash against the chicago police department. taser. he later died at a hospital. >> the pacific northwest is bracing for more powerful storms after record rainfall. they helped families evacuate their homes. >> he said they said we'll give you indefinite leave. he gets off the plane at rehab and he finds an e-mail termination. >> would you welcome the eagles of def metal. >> this was more than a concert, it was an act of remembrance. >> eating atomic buffalo wings. let's do this, ladies. you need fuel for your big underpants day tomorrow. they're buffalo wings, my friends. these things will go through you like a bullet train to tokyo. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
7:54 am
states has no choice right now but to stop all muslims from entering the united states. his critics say unanimously it is the wrong choice. trump released a statement calling for the restrictions, then he accused the press of misreporting it. so he read the statement last night at a rally in south carolina. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have no choice. we have no choice. >> donald trump got a long round of applause and the audience was very receptive. he says polling data from the center for security policies anti-american.
7:55 am
which tracks hate groups in the u.s. described the head of that center as one of america's most notorious islamophobes. jeb bush tweeted, quote, donald trump is unhinged. marco rubio said, quote, his habit of making offensive and outlandish statements will not bring americans together. and carly fiorina told fox news it violates constitutional rights and plays into fears. >> what mr. trump is doing is mobilizing anti-muslim sentiment around him. >> that's right. sentiment. he is preying on the fears of the american people. it is called rabble rousing. continues. south carolina's republican party chairman said, quote, donald trump's bad idea and rhetoric send a shiver down my spine. former vice president dick cheney said this. it goes against everything we stand for and believe in. and the executive director of the council on american islamic relations says trump sounds more
7:56 am
>> his ideas are not just unamerican. this rhetoric echos the policies enacted by nazi germany against the jews. have we learned anything from history, mr. trump? washington. he's tracking all the responses major, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we just saw very strong reaction all across the board. do you have a sense of the level of concern within the republican party? >> well, it's very high. in south carolina, iowa and new hampshire, iowa votes first, then new hampshire, then south carolina, are going to have a very lot to say about the future of the republican party and this entire debate. those three states pride themselves on making the right choice and separating fact from fiction, real contenders from pretenders. they have a very big job to do now because this is a very serious issue. donald trump is not talking about immigration. donald trump is talking about american muslims. that's why this reaction is so profound.
7:57 am
campaign yesterday, lots of reporters did, they said all muslims cannot come back to the united states. trump has since made allowances for muslims who serve in the american military or american muslim citizens who are tourists. but the implication is that his government would do favors to muslims by granting them constitutional rights already protected. this is a very big deal for the party of lincoln and i might also add by the party led by ronald reagan who in 1988 signed legislation providing $20,000 in reparations for more than 100,000 japanese americans put interment camps. trump defended his policies by saying they're very similar to what franklin roosevelt did in world war ii. >> is there any concerted effort in the republican party to try to derail him or stop it or tamp it down? >> we're going to see in the coming days exactly how serious republicans are about defending the constitution, understanding
7:58 am
separating fear from policy. that's going to be up to republican candidates who are not leading the race right now. donald trump is. if that changes, it's going to be because this debate has changed because of what donald trump has now put on the table. >> thanks, major. law enforcement sources tell cbs news this morning they may know why syed rizwan farook killed 14 people at a holiday party. it was because he believed co-workers hated him and did not respect him. the fbi official leading the investigation says farook and his wife, tashfeen malik had been radicalized for some time. two days before, he practiced firing the semiautomatic rifle he used in the shootings. an instructor said that farook was quiet, kept to himself and shot well. the range has given surveillance video and sign-in log to the fbi. customs officials released this photo of the couple in july 2015.
7:59 am
entry in the united states. the couple was married the very following month. a competitive surfer is recovering this morning from a violent wipeout over the weekend. video shows a powerful wave knocking evan geiselman unconscious. this happened sunday off hawaii's oahu island. elaine quijano shows us the dramatic rescue. >> reporter: evan geiselman is seen taking off on the towering wave, but seconds later the barrel collapses around him and he disappears. >> yeah, he's out. >> reporter: unconscious, he reappears. botha tries to keep his head above the surface and perform cpr. >> the first thing in my mind was that he was dead. his face was a dark blue, almost purple. >> reporter: powerful currents threatened to sweep the para way but lifeguards jumped in to
8:00 am
>> he held on to the surfer's body and helped until we got there and got to him. it was amazing. >> reporter: once onshore, geiselman regained consciousness and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. on monday, eric geiselman posted a picture of evan to facebook sitting up in his hospital bed. in his message he lanked botha and the other rescuers. >> for me i was just the right person at the right place at the right time. there are so many people saving lives every day that don't really get recognition that they deserve. >> reporter: geiselman was held under by consecutive waves following the wipeout. he is currently in stable norah. >> elaine, he is so lucky to be alive. thank you so much for that story. only on "cbs this morning," the first in-depth interview with the lululemon's founder. see what he's learned and where he wants to take fashion
8:01 am
quiet to start the day and temps are mild in the 30s. a few sprinkles will move through the state this afternoon with warm highs near 53. unseasonably warm temps last through friday with a cool down and chance for some rain or light snow by late in the weekend. have a great
8:02 am
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only on "cbs this morning," the founder of lululemon opens up about the brand that he built and the controversy that followed. chip wilson launched lululemon back in 1998, making the yoga pant a wardrobe staple. the trend helped power $41 billion in activewear sales in the last year, but wilson's comments to a reporter about women's bodies stretched the limits of some customers' patience, you could say. jan crawford visited him in canada at his new family business. jan, good morning. >> well, good morning. so after that interview, i mean the media piled on. wilson really withdrew from the public eye. he called that time personally devastating. not only for him but his family and his company. but now with his wife and son at his side, he is re-engaged with a new company that he says will revolutionize the retail industry again.
8:06 am
it's a new brand with a one-of-a-kind fabric the company believes will change the way we dress and live. that's an audacious claim, but this family has done it before. >> we love coming to work and partnering and feeding off each other's creativity. >> chip wilson is the maverick founder of lieu -- lululemon. they turned the yoga pant into a multi billion dollar industry. son j.j. and shannon founded kit and ace, the concept combining function with fashion, using a high-end washable fabric that shannon developed called technical cashmere. >> that was the trick in creating the recipe was being able to retain that incredible soft, luxurious feel of cashmere and adding the benefits of stretch and recovery and wash and dry. >> kit and ace is build on the success of lululemon, from a small design studio in 1998 in
8:07 am
new segment in retail. workout clothes worn casually in everyday life. >> my lawyer when i went to register the name lululemon, he said yeah, like yoga will work. >> not only did it work, it made him a billionaire. >> i have my own ideas, my own drive and never really agreed with other people. i don't think it's possible to be creating a future that would otherwise not have existed without being controversial. >> but those qualities that fueled his success also caused trouble. wilson clashed with the board, stepped back from the company. the board asked him to return to help lululemon through a crisis, see-through yoga pants. and then a six-minute interview two years ago. this edited sound bite rewrote the chip wilson story. >> some women's bodies just actually don't work for it. it's about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there.
8:08 am
were buying lululemon leggings too small which compromised the design. later in the same interview, he emphasized all women can wear the pants, but that's not what people heard. >> chip wilson found himself in serious hot water. >> with women across the country calling wilson's comments insensitive and irresponsible. >> your thunder thighs are just not welcome in his pants. >> my words were wrong. >> you can see how women would hear like the clip of that. we're sensitive about our thighs. and be like this is terrible what he's saying. >> certainly. i mean i probably built one of the most successful women's companies in the world. i don't think i could have built that with that support behind me if i'd been that person that didn't understand women, but obviously i didn't. i didn't. >> after the interview, wilson recorded an apology for company employees. >> i'm really sad. i'm sad for the repercussions of
8:09 am
>> it was posted on facebook and triggered a new round of criticism that he didn't apologize to customers. >> did you feel like you should apologize to the women? >> deep in my heart, you know, i was never -- i knew that that was never my intent to make them feel bad and i still didn't really have a real grasp on what i said, how it affected them. i didn't really understand it. now i definitely get it. >> would you want to apologize? >> i think i have to because i said it. and again, i'm responsible for what comes out of my mouth. if that's what was interpreted, then i fully apologize. i'm sorry. >> when all was said and done, wilson says lululemon lost $6 billion in market share. >> you built this company. that must have been devastating in a way. >> you know, it really was. it really hurt for a while for sure. >> it is sad seeing him hurt,
8:10 am
probably one of the most resilient people i know. >> wilson went back to work with. with his family he opened the first kit and ace store last year. they say the fabric, technical cashmere cashmere, is for a busy lifestyle. >> it's about how people were living full contact lives and how we could save them a little bit of time not having to take what was seemingly so precious to the dry cleaners every time they wanted to wear it. >> for chip wilson, kit and ace is more than a way to make money, it's a chance to try again with the people who stood by him. >> i can't think of anything more rewarding at the end of my life than having been with family and being able to hold and kiss and mentor and trade ideas and feed off each other. what more would a person want? >> now, like the lululemon yoga papts, these clothes aren't cheap. the basic t-shirt with technical
8:11 am
there is a market and they are fully engaged. they now have 58 stores worldwide with plans for many more. >> it's nice to see him go on and have a next chapter because the lululemon stuff is great, so is kit and ace. he realized he made a mistake and everybody learned from it. so onward. >> thank you, jan. that was a nice interview. pope francis opens the doors to the faithful this morning for a rare pilgrimage. we'll have that story next, right here on "cbs this morning." right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast.
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>> tens of thousands of roman catholics gathered in vatican city. pope francis opened the holy he walked through the doors and hugged pope benedict. he was making a rare public appearance. he says the first jubilee in 15 years will focus on forgiveness rather than moralizing. some 10 million people are expected to pass the basilica next year. on sunday, catholic leaders around the world open their holy doors for forgiveness for their sins. great. the ladies of the talk are here, gathering in the green room. julie, sharon, marsha, sarah. chris buckley there is cheryl underwood. they're back, they're getting ready for a special honor.
8:16 am
that how about the grammy good morning and welcome back, it's now 8:25! we're waiting to learn the charges two people in newton will face. police say they discovered a suspected explosive device while searching david and jennifer kelso's home for drugs. the neighborhood was evacuated for two hours until officials could give the all- clear. the iowa dci is helping of 37-year-old lorretta dillenger. her body was found in a farm pond near lorimor. an cause of death. sentencing this morning for pleasant hill daycare provider christina williamson. she pleaded guilty to child endangerment - officials say surveillance cameras showed her abusing several children,
8:17 am
specifics. she could get 7 years in prison. and after more than 100 years,
8:18 am
snow by late in the weekend. good morning. the weather is quiet to start the day and temps are mild in the 30s. a few sprinkles will move through the state this afternoon with warm highs near 53. unseasonably warm temps last through friday with a cool down and chance for some rain or light snow by late
8:19 am
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the name your price tool, only from progressive. where is your husband? [ music playing ] >> i like this song. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, best author christopher buckley is in our green room. see what inspired his new movie, novel rather and what he finds about the conservative movement. lots of people in the green room. >> look who is there. the ladies of cbs pitch "the talk" are here in studio 57. how women are making news, volunteering for combat, lots to talk about. that is ahead. right now, it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines
8:21 am
states postal service is test a new service. lit send you pictures of the maim it will deliver later in the day. that you already take some photos of some packages. >> tampa bay reports on a police officer allegedly stealing christmas presents. a security camera shows the woman approaching a port. leaves. one of the homeowners, his wife posted online.
8:22 am
invisi hunters and women, nor remarks were gatherers. >> i'm so glad we're reporting. 18 men, 18 women. let's put it in concrete and call it history. >> threwere you go. there you go. >> it was just a doubling down on original programing encouraged by content like house of cards. they will double the number of original shows to 31 in the new year. netflix is also working on get this, ten feature films, 30 children shows, a dozen documentaries and ten stand-up specials. they're on a rom. >> yep. >> christopher buckley is putting out this political satire. his new book focuses on religious fiction t. relic master is a tale of mercenaries
8:23 am
they cash in on what they claim are the bones and possessions of saints. this story begins with the obsession over the trial of turin seen by the pope in june. many believe it is the burial cloth of jesus christ. the publishers simon and schuster, a division of cbs is pleased to welcome christopher back to studio 57. >> is this the famous studio 57? >> yes. >> where is the music? >> we're waiting for to you start your disco dancing. >> don't tempt me. >> i told everybody you were coming to new york city and studio 57? >> no, i told them i was coming to new york to meet charlie rose. >> there you go. >> whom i actually met in 1982. >> has it been that long? >> at 2:00 a.m. temperatures your first show, your debut. >> what were you all doing? >> i created charlie rose. i can destroy him. >> yes, you can. >> it was cbs all night on
8:24 am
of 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.. >> you would go out after the 12:00 a.m. show? >> no, he still had an hour-and-a-half. >> i said to my publicist. why am i going on tv at 2506789 a.m. he said you'd be surprised how many people watch tv. >> i said, like who? >> prison guards. >> prison nerds. >> i'm good among prison guards. >> it seems you should be thanking charlie rose. >> i do. i worship at the altar. >> there you go. >> charlie is a living relic. i esteemed him. >> oh, goodness. >> it's good to be back here it's so warm in the studio. >> why are you writing about this subject? >> why am i? well, i used to write political satire, charlie. you know, i did that. >> we like that. >> i think we reached the point this election cycle where american politics are sufficiently so satirizing. i don't think they need me. >> so what duping about mr.
8:25 am
>> i wondered how long it was going to take you to ask that. well, i think, once again, mr. trump has proved he is not really a serious man. a sirius person. serious people don't, you know, don't say things like that. and, yet, here he is at you know 30% or whatever. mr. trump is a dem a gock. dem demagogues tend to use up the oxygen in the room. my father who you know was a famous debater told me once and old rule is never debate with an amateur. they'll kill you every time. i puzzled at that. he said, there he is on the screen. hey pop. because, you know, an amateur will just shout and say -- >> say anything. >> say anything.
8:26 am
>> what's so interesting about you and donald trump. you wrote an essay, satire back if 2000. >> he wants to know. >> donald trump. >> do you remember? >> we are free to compare. >> you predicted his inaugural address would be my fellow americans, this is a great day for me personally. you are very smart to have wroted for me. street journal" in 2000. >> what did you see back then that you thought? >> 15 years ago. >> 15 years ago. you read it there first. well, i think he must have been running for president then, because otherwise i can't imagine why i would have drafted his inaugural address. but if it comes to pass, i will be able to say, you read it there first. >> what do you think of your father's conservative movement today? what is the biggest challenge facing the republican party? i know you voted for obama if '08. >> i did.
8:27 am
he was asked some months be every he died what he thought was the modern conservative movement. i think he may have been asked that by charlie rose on that weren't you on some other show? >> yes, he is. >> you are on like six shows. >> i did at the time. >> but his answers, charlie may remember. my dad used an abruptly word to answer it. he said he thought the modern conservative movement was in need of repristination. which means sort of a cleaning. and i'm frequently asked today what he would make of where we are today and my answer is, a, it's tricky channeling your father's ghost. hamlet tried it and that didn't work out so well. part of me wishes he were still on. another part of me thinks maybe
8:28 am
to have to see what -- >> it would be an interesting take interest i think his take would be, yeah. his take was always interesting. >> so what do you think the republicans will do? you think they are after the most recent comments going to somehow come together and stop trump? >> well, we, you know, since for about five months now, mr. trump has been making inflammatoriory disgraceful comments. he maligns the war record of john mccain because he shot them. this was july. and everyone in the room, that i was reading the newspapers, said, oh, he's finished. this will do him in. then he makes an insulting comment about megyn kelly, which i wouldn't even repeat on morning tv. and everyone thought, well, you know, that itself the end of donald trump. and all it's done, every time he
8:29 am
>> do you think he believes all this stuff? >> yes. >> he does? >> yes. yes. yes, i do. >> christopher buckley before you go, can i say one thing about the relic master? >> yes. thank you. please. it's reasonably priced and attractively packaged book, which would make it a wonderful christmas package. >> you wrote four dozen books to prepare for this i think it's so interesting. >> i did. i take my queue from khari lose e rose. i know that every time i have been on charlie's show and to be interviewed about my book, charlie has not only read that book but gone back and reread all my others. >> exactly. how did you know? >> because i know you. >> oh. all right. the true story of charlie rose coming next. but this time -- i have the next book for you. it goes on sale today.
8:30 am
>> the holidays mean whole coming family back in town. this morning the ladies of "talk" return to studio 57. lots to talk about the health effects of moving in together. very cozy. good morning. the weather is quiet to start the day and temps are mild in the 30s. a few sprinkles will move through the state this afternoon with warm highs near 53. unseasonably warm temps last through friday with a cool down and chance for some rain or light snow by late
8:31 am
the ladies of the cbs hit show, that would be "the talk" are back in new york city this week t. day time emmy winning program, did you hear emmy winning program, is in its fifth season. host julie chen, sarah gilbert is back after a new baby sarah osbourne and recently nominated for the 2016 people's choice award for fate day time tv hosting team. i love you guys. >> oh, yay! >> but when everybody sat down, this is what the viewers at home should know, charlie rose said this is my fantasy. what does that mean, charlie? how does it go? >> the idea of sitting among so many beautiful women knowing this conversation is going to leave the world laughing.
8:32 am
>> i do. ks. he's a delight. yesterday you walked by. i was like, he was the tiniest puppy. i don't think i've ever seen him upset. >> he has a cold. >> yeah. >> he is kind of remarkable, he's always pretty happy. so now he's out of sorts. >> what are you looking forward to in new york this time? we're thinking, what more can they do in new york? there is always something? >> there is always something. i personally went ice skating last night. i am encouraging the next trip we do the show on ice. >> why are you guys acting like
8:33 am
>> we're doing that tomorrow. >> you guy versus done it, right? >> what is it a buzzer? a gavel? who is it. >> it's like a gavel. >> we have been told don't lose out do the button, all five get to vote. >> gong. >> it's the "closing bell" tomorrow. >> i think this is funny. we have a story about men and women and negotiating and following directions. norah pointed out, it was a small study, only 36 people. it says men are able to follow directions better, can find it better than women. >> why? >> because it's navigation or instruction? >> i tell you why they're better at directions, because they ask us. >> they're right. >> now they tell us, what does it say? we are there.
8:34 am
we have too afraid to ask directions so we go in the wrong direction. >> but with certainty. just commit. >> do you know where you are going? >> yes. >> it's a popular opinion. i am so direction ally challenged. i can see that i think men are like the hunter gatherers biologically. i can say i do it better because of the direction. >> more than anything else. >> we have ways. >> yes. >> this is what i am told by that middle bopth. it talks ome and i follow. >> it's the voice of a woman. she knows what she's talking about. >> yes. >> we had a lot of news because of what happened in san bernardino this past week. one of the big stories was defense secretary ash carter announcing they will open all roles in the military to women. combat roles and everything. >> air force. >> i didn't know that, cheryl. ? yes. >> what do you think of this move?
8:35 am
i'm glad to see them legitimize i. i was a medic. so i was considered a non-combatant. i can only use my weapon to protect my patience. i think women can do any job that a man can do. >> well said. >> it was already happening. women already on the front lines. they are already doing these jobs. they're not rewarded an recognized. it's a course correction rather than an innovation and, you know, i think there are a lot of people out there putting their lives on the line every day, miami, female. >> military is always making great changes, intgration and now with women. so i think our military is doing a great job. >> in fact, they're playing combat over iraq and syria. >> absolutely. >> can i ask gayle a question? since we are ripping the closing bell on the new york stock exchange, since we're going to be down there, before it closes,
8:36 am
biopractice winfrey's weight watcher's stock? >> you know, julie, it was killing me. believe me, i wanted to buy some stock. of course i didn't. my doorman said you could have walked by and sid, weighing watchers. told somebody. >> how much has it gone up since oprah bought? >> a whole lot. i don't know, 43, i'm not sure. a lot of people are joining. >> it's a really good price. >> weight watchers. >> yeah. >> fascinating. >> we wanted to talk to sharon about moving in together. that's a good idea. >> we got to go. >> oh. . we'll be watching you in new york all week. >> that's the topic. >> thanks for coming on. >> we got sa game for you. >> there all week.
8:37 am
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for about $45 a month for 12 months. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. good morning everyone, it's now 8:55... des moines police are still weighing whether charges will be filed in a deadly home invasion. 31-year-old travis williams died of a stab wound to the chest - after he broke into this home on east 14th early saturday morning. police say they're still piecing together the evidence - and the relationship between williams and the homeowners. new this morning, a nike program in urbandale has announced its most successful year yet! the re-use a shoe program collects worn out athletic shoes that are then are broken down and recycled! the fabric is used for new clothes and sports equipment... the foam is used for athletic courts... and the rubber is used in athletic fields and playgrounds!
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it's an effort he would like to see continue. 18:04:22 - 18:18:11 kcci 8 traffic! any accident locations are plotted on the map. your mobile speed unit
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your weather in 30 seconds! anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. good morning. the weather is quiet to start the day and temps are mild in the 30s. a few sprinkles will move through the state this afternoon with warm highs near 53. unseasonably warm temps last through friday with a cool down and chance for some rain or light snow by late
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